We’re a modern high-tech dental office with the comfort and warmth of a small town dentist.

We are a comfortable, caring and reputable dental practice that offers family and cosmetic dentistry. We are the only dental office with an open and exposed sterilization area so our patients can witness how clean and healthy we keep everything for them. We go above and beyond what other offices do. We only use the best for our patients which is why we give out a free year’s supply of the best toothbrushes to each patient because we also want them to use the best at home. We provide painless dentistry and no shots for most procedures. We have everything you’re looking for in a dental office.

Former Miss Teen Tracy, then Miss Teen San Joaquin and Miss Teen California
One of our actual patients
Former Miss Teen Tracy, then Miss Teen San Joaquin and Miss Teen California United States.

We cater to your schedule and are open late and 6 days a week. Try us out.
Call for an appointment at 209-221-8838 or e-mail us at [email protected]

We’re the friendly staff and our smiles are also created from Tracy Center for Dentistry.

Meet Our Staff

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  • Dr.
    Katherine Sanchez

    Dr. Katherine Sanchez is very gentle, compassionate and highly qualified.

    She is gentle because she has good hand skills. She is an artist and dentistry is actually artwork. Dentistry requires precision and skill. She feels that making crowns and carving fillings is like painting and sculpting, delicate works of art. She can maneuver the instruments delicately like a paintbrush. She makes each dental work the best because she sometimes refers to specialist who will see her work. To prove it, she will always show the patient the crowns and fillings afterwards. She loves her work because she is naturally skilled at it. Read More...

  • Nicholle Gilmour – Certified Dental Assistant

    Nicholle has her A.A. degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. She plans to be a dentist someday. Many of our dental assistants have become dentists because Dr. Sanchez inspires them. She started at the office a year after it opened; she has been at the office the longest. Once she worked at Tracy Center for Dentistry, she never wanted to work anywhere else because she learns from one of the best and because the office is high tech and ethical.


What Our Clients Say About Us

    Dr. Sanchez is the best dentist. I like her work, very precise and quick. Before you know it, you are done and you didn’t even feel a thing. My kids love her and will not dare go to another dentist. She is very kid friendly and has lots of giveaways, very generous. Her office also looks very nice with the personal touch in every corner.

    -Mark A.

    Recently visited for the first time, I will definitely be bringing the family in. We’re new to the area and have been looking for a new dentist. She was upfront and honest. The staff was friendly and caring. The office was comfortable and clean. So glad I found her.

    -Rebecca P.

    I have been bringing my family to the Tracy Center for Dentistry since 2005. We love the great service and attention we always receive. They are great with children and the whole family. Best dental office around!

    -Jason E.

    I have been going to Katherine Sanchez since I first moved to Tracy. She is by far one of the best dentists around, and I have seen many. She is professional, knowledgeable, of all the latest dental advances, she always makes you feel like you’re her only patient, you never wait, she is always on time, she is very mindful that your time is just as important as hers. Her methods of painless dentistry are outstanding. I will be moving from Tracy, and it saddens me that I know that I will not fin

    -Alice H.

    I have been nervous about going to the dentist since I was a kid and my parent’s insurance plan changed. We had to switch dentists and the new dentist said I had 15 cavities although I just seen my last dentist and I was fine! It was devastating and scary. Luckily my parents knew that couldn’t be (as he also said all my brothers and sisters also had so many to be filled). He was just a trigger happy dentist out for money, so I don’t trust dentists much. Dr. Sanchez is a relief. She is very

    -iamscaredofflies S.

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